Meat Processing Training


Meat Processing Training

Continuing Education Certificates & Courses

Level 1 Certificate | 4 courses

Level 2 Certificate | 4 courses

Level 3 Certificate | 2 courses

Humane Harvest | 1 course

Custom Delivery, New Richmond, Rice Lake

Career Cluster: Agriculture

These courses are being developed in partnership with a DATCP meat talent development grant & in coordination with other WTCS colleges.

Why start a career in Meat Processing?

Embark on a rewarding journey into the world of meat processing and become part of Wisconsin’s rich tradition of meat cutters and sausage artisans. Our dedicated instructors are seasoned professionals, actively engaged in our local communities as meat counter managers, meat processing company owners, and sausage makers. In these classes, you’ll learn invaluable skills and techniques in knife skills, sanitation, safety, and musculature and anatomy for many different species. We are offering three levels of classes.

  • Level 1 is geared toward people who are interested in starting a career in meat processing. By completing classes in Level 1, you will be able to work as an entry-level meat processor with any meat processor in our region and will be able to break a quarter into primal cuts and some retail cuts.
  • Level 2 is geared toward people who are interested in building upon their basic knowledge of meat processing. Students in this level of classes must have either completed Level 1 or have experience working in meat processing. By completing classes in Level 2, you will refine your skills with a larger variety of retail cuts, yield and value-added products, sausage-making and cookery.
  • Level 3 is geared toward those who are (or are interested in becoming) supervisors or owners. Students at this level must have either completed Level 2 or have extensive experience in meat processing. After completing Level 3, you will have created a HACCP plan for your facility as well as learning more about advanced sausage making techniques involving smoking, drying, and curing.


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Meat Processing Certificate Level 1

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Basic Sanitation20 hours
Basic Meat Science20 hours
Basic Beef Fabrication20 hours
Basic Lamb, Pork and Poultry Fabrication20 hours
Total hours:80 hours

Meat Processing Certificate Level 2

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Advanced Beef Fabrication40 hours
Meat Marketing (beef, pork, lamb and poultry) 60 hours
Basic Sausage Making40 hours
Cookery20 hours
Total hours:160 hours

Meat Processing Certificate Level 3

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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)24 hours
Advanced Sausage Making60 hours
Total hours:84 hours

Additional Course

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Humane Harvest40 hours


Contact Information:

For training inquiries, contact:

Deb Kutrieb
Dean, Skilled Trades
Email: Deb

To register, contact:

Rice Lake Student Services
Email: Student Services



Meat Processing Training FAQs

  • Are there any textbooks?? 
    • A: No. All information needed will be presented in class.
  • Will I need to purchase any equipment?
    • A: No. Equipment for classes will be provided, however, if you wish to purchase your own tools or equipment, you may do so. Equipment will be discussed in class.
  • Where are classes located?
    • A: Class location will be posted (link location of document once classes are scheduled above) as classes are scheduled.
  • How do students enroll? 
  • Can a student take multiple courses simultaneously?
    • A: No. Classes are offered sequentially.
  • Who pays tuition?
    • A: Grant funds are available and reported through the state. Students will be responsible for tuition if a course is not successfully completed. ($97.50 per 20-hour course)
  • How will I be graded?
    • A: All courses are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.


In January 2022​, Governor Evers announced he is providing up to $5 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for meat talent development programming. The Meat Processing Training is supported with funds from the WTCS Meat Talent Development Grant ($441,393). This grant was developed by DATCP with WTCS, through December 2024. This funding will be used to attract students to meat careers, provide financial support to students in Wisconsin meat processing training programs, support program development, and connect the meat processing industry with potential e​mployees.


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