Digital Badging for Employers

97% of U.S. recruiters believe that credentials will be important in their company’s consideration of whether to hire someone over a candidate without credentials.*

* source: Ellucian. (2019) “Credential clout : How higher ed can prepare for an evolving job market ” retrieved from

Offering digital badges is a strategic investment in the development and recognition of  your employees, contributing to a positive work culture and ensuring that the workforce remains skilled, motivated, and competitive in their respective fields.

Employer Advantages

  • Verified Skills
    • Trusted "seal of approval" for employers validating existing talent or potential hires; reduces HR time.
  • Employee Retention
    • Align potential candidates with jobs that maximize already proven skills/interests.
  • Enhance Brand Marketing
    • Significant social media benefit: thousands of brand marks flooding LinkedIn, X (Formerly Twitter), Facebook, etc.
  • Manage Employee Professional Development
    • Easily identify individuals with specific skillsets to create diverse work teams. 
  • Up-Skill Employees
    • Enhance your workforce by creating your own credentials; motivate employees to drive their own professional development.

Badge Earner

  • Motivate Participation
    • Provides instant recognition for achievement. 
  • Engagement and Retention
    • Working harder to earn badges = better grades and increased engagement.
  • Life-Long Learner
    • Older degrees can be enhanced with new credentials, maintaining professional relevance. 

Our Services

  • What does a digital badge contain?
    • A digital badge is a visual representation of an achievement, skill or credential earned by an individual in a digital format.
    • It typically includes metadata such as the issuer, criteria for earning the badge and evidence of the accomplishment, providing a portable and verifiable way to showcase one's skills and accomplishments across various online platforms. 
  • Why use digital badges?
    • The viral marketing impact is ENORMOUS:
      • Talent Development
      • Employee Retention
      • Professional Development


"Digital badging at Northwood Tech is quickly becoming an opportunity for the college to partner with employers and employees to gain the skills needed in today's fast-paced environment. We already have a number of requests to meet the needs of multiple businesses." ~ Ryon List, Director, Curriculum & Assessment, Digital Badging Facilitator



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