New Richmond Student Services Contact Information

Contact Student Services at 715.246.6561, then choose option 1, or find direct numbers below.

  • Applications and Admissions

    • Jodi Saliny
      Admissions Advisor
      Call: 715.752.8119 
      Email Jodi
  • Bookstore

    • Anna Stanway
      Bookstore Tech
      Call: 715.752.8081
      Email Anna
  • Business Office
    • Tamara Haupt
      Campus Business Office Tech.
      Call: 715.752.8498
      Email Tamara
  • Career Specialist & Recruiting
    • Rhonda Austin
      Career Specialist / Recruiter
      Call: 715.246.1812
      Email Rhonda
  • College Health Nurse
  • Counseling / Accommodations
    • Brian Vrtis
      Call: 715.752.8086
      Email Brian
    • Rena Arneberg
      Call: 715.752.8499
      Email Rena
    • Kristin Nelson
      Call: 715.246.1888
      Email Kristin
    • Lori Denzine
      Accommodations Specialist
      Call: 715.645.2396
      Email Lori
  • Credit for Prior Learning
    • Mackenzie Walters
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715.752.8205
      Email Mackenzie
    • Sherry Rehnelt
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715.752.8136
      Email Sherry
  • Dean of Students / Manager of Enrollment
    • Steve Dus
      Dean of Students
      Call: 715.246.1822
      Email Steve
    • Jessica Eccles
      Manager of Enrollment
      Call: 715.246.1823
      Email Jessica
  • Financial Aid
    • Anthony Rubis
      Financial Aid Business Analyst
      Call: 715.752.8084
      Email Anthony
  • Registration & Appointments
    • Mary Diestel
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715.752.8120
      Email Mary
    • Sherry Rehnelt
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715.752.8136
      Email Sherry
    • Mary Rang
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715.752.8129
      Email Mary
    • Joanna Brenna
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715.752.8089
      Email Joanna
    • Melissa Lee
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715-752-8207
      Email Melissa
  • Student Life Activities, Student Senate
  • Veterans Student Advocate

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